Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lets Recap, Shall We...

Woke up this morning to the pug snoring really loud...
he had a bath last night so he was especially soft and
nice smelling when we cuddled today. Craig calls it our
"love affair" when he sees us cuddling in our mornings.

Giggled with my sweetie and fondled each other a bit.
He brought me coffee because he's great like that.

Got somewhat "ready" while Craig fed Angus. And
I got a little frustrated 'cause I need a haircut
like no body's business and I've yet to get one.

Enjoyed some Stephanie Miller on the way to work...
she's damn hilarious.

I just had a meatloaf sandwich with garlic mayo
on rustic bread for my (early) lunch and it was
AWESOME! It made me very happy!

This evening, Craig's cool French/Jewish friend, Clement
is coming over to hang out with us. He and Craig have
known each other for years and he always visits us when
he's in town... he lives in Cali. He also brought me flowers
once and Bombay some Jerky Treats. Bombay of course
took the treats and continued to torture the poor guy
anyway. He's funny like that.

Now, I'm just chillin' here at work until it's time for
me to "fly this coop".

"I'll check y'all later..." ~ Bob Morales, La Bamba

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