Tuesday, March 25, 2008

List of Loves

  1. Craig ~ he's my best friend, he is tall and he is caring.
  2. Bombay ~ he's little and sweet and always happy to see me.
  3. Planet Hiltron and Glamour Shots!
  4. Cold Wu-ders.
  5. Chicharrone burritos.
  6. When my hair is greasy and I can do ANYTHING to it.
  7. Cute e-mails from my beautiful 7 year old niece.
  8. Getting out of work @ 330pm Tuesdays + Thursdays.
  9. Flip -flop season... I hate wearing real shoes unless it's to go out and look cute!
  10. These silly little lists.


Chef's Widow said...

1. The Chef
2. CatcherCrazyFace
3. Biggie Smalls (my daughter, not the dead rapper)
4. Potato Pit Bull
5. Vito Pig Face
6. Sour Flemish Ale
7. The Chef's Chicken (why I married him)
8. Travel, Travel, Travel
9. Brooklyn NY
10. Ewan McGregor

i like cheese said...

How does one score such a great deal as getting out of work at 3:30? That sounds lovely!

Andrea B. said...

it's pretty nice... i used to get out of work to go get my yoga on. then, i got lazy and stopped GOING to yoga~ i sometimes practice at home~ but still get out early for my sanity. works out pretty
well since i work til 630p m/w/f.